Auckland to Te Puke

It’s weird to think that our time in Auckland is coming to an end. At the end of the week Denis and I will be heading to Te Puke to begin our Kiwi Fruit journey. Although this is extremely exciting, I am sad to be leaving the peace and tranquility we have gotten from staying in Auckland this past month.

This month in Auckland has proved to be one that was extremely needed and so important to me. It was a time of rest. I was able to reconnect with myself, get off birth control and switch to the copper IUD to regain my sense of self, focus on fitness and health, restart this blog, and really think about my future. I am so grateful that I was given this time and didn’t fully realize how important it was until recently.

I think we can all get caught up in the idea that we are “not doing enough, not being proactive, etc.” This pressure can be quite overwhelming and was something I learned to release during my stay in Auckland. Sometimes doing not too much is exactly what we need for our mind and spirit to recharge. Well, its definitely what I needed. In January I experienced some minor depression which caused me to rethink a lot of things. I thought, “Why am I traveling? What am I doing in New Zealand? How can I make progress in my career while traveling? Where am I going to live after traveling?” These thoughts consumed my mind. I started to believe that I wasn’t making progress in my life. This lead me into a dark web of confusion that consumed most of the month of January for me. Although this was a mentally challenging month it was extremely necessary for me to go through. I determined that yes, I may not have my holistic health care license and estheticians license yet but at least I have found passion in my life. Something I feel that a majority of people never find. And then it clicked, why not start now? There’s a wealth of information that you can learn online, through books, blogs, etc. We decided that we wanted to start providing information for people on our blog. This felt like an amazing starting point for us as we want to eventually have our own business. The moral is that yes, there may be setbacks that can limit you from achieving your goals however, there is always a solution and way that you can progress. You can’t let you current situation prevent you from moving forward.

Fast forward to March 6th and we are finally in Te Puke. Of course the beginning is always pretty shocking to re-enter a “hostel” lifestyle but it is also so nice to connect with other travelers again, share moments together eating, playing games, working out, etc. It’s amazing to learn about the travels of others and about their lives prior to traveling. Everyone is so different yet so connected.

We all begin work next week on the kiwi farm so I’m sure we will have lots to update you all on then. xxx

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