Bali, Indonesia – 2019

Harmonious, and pure. Or as the Balinese say: “Heaven on earth.”

These are the words I would use to describe the essence of Bali.

The Balinese live their lives in the natural state of true happiness and bliss. They express gratitude on a daily basis to each other and their Gods. I’ve learned so much here. I’ve learned that I value simplicity. Material things will not increase a persons level of happiness. It’s the people, genuine connections, and the love you surround yourself with that truly bring out an individuals internal joy.

We began our Balinese journey on the Gilli Islands. A magical little paradise straight out of a fairly tale. Simplicity resonated throughout the island. Cotton candy skies, white sand beaches, horses and buggies… Bicycling is probably the easiest way to get around the island and that’s exactly what we did. Not only was it an easy way to get around the island but it was a great way to see the whole island and all of its beauty. Being on this island was so relaxing for as I stated earlier, this island breathes simplicity. Wake up, beach, bike, and eat.

Next we headed back Bali where we spent five days in Canngu and Ubud. These areas were definitely a bit more touristy but filled with jungle like scenery, amazing vegan restaurants, temples and rice fields, etc.

I honestly cannot get over how pure and organic the food was. I was in vegan heaven… literally. If I could, I would stay in Ubud for weeks just to stuff my face with their amazing food.

One of my favorite moments was visiting the Tanah Lot temple. The temple was stunning with gorgeous ancient architecture, beautifully colored textures, and picturesque views. I highly recommend going for sunset as the temple is just illuminated with perfect light and shadows.

During our stay we also visited the monkey forest. This was slightly terrifying because the monkeys can attack if they feel threatened. Luckily, no one pissed them off and we were able to roam the jungle with ease.

For our last day in ubud we really wanted to venture out into nature. We rented some scooters and headed over to the Tibumama Waterfall. This waterfall was stunning. Located amidst a lush jungle…

Next we headed to Western Bali (per recommendation from Joe) and spent the remainder of our trip there. This place was truly Heaven on Earth and really embodied true and authentic Bali. We spent time with the locals, met with a shaman to complete a purification, practiced yoga, and more. This was really the healing part of the trip and what I was mainly looking for during my stay in Bali.

I left Bali feeling so recharged and ready to continue my travels in Australia. I hope to return one day to this truly magical place.

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