Introducing Eats – Medjool Dates

I wanted to introduce to you all to one of our new sections of the blog, “eats.” In this series Denis and I will discuss all different types of food and the benefits they have on the body. If you have any recommendations of foods you wish us to hack, please feel free to comment your suggestions below.

This week I will be talking about one of my personal favorites, Medjool dates. My addiction to dates really began during my travels in Australia and I have been including them in my diet ever since. I find that people always freak out when I tell them I eat multiple dates a day. The common things I hear are, “won’t those make you fat? There’s too much sugar in those!” I usually just laugh because I know how effective dates have been on my body. I find that having a date or two before going to a workout class greatly increases my physical endurance. I am stronger, and have more cardio potential. I also lean on dates when I’m having a serious sugar craving. These are the perfect go to snack when your body is craving chocolate, ice cream, cookies, etc. Just put a little bit of peanut butter on the top or eat them plain and BAM! Craving gone.

If I haven’t shifted your mind yet, check out these awesome benefits of dates below:


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